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Extraction, Distillation and Combustion of Fossil Fuels

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, developed for SNC3M (Grade 11 Science), students will study fossil fuel extraction, distillation, storage and combustion. These topics will include the environmental impacts of the petroleum industry. The laboratory activities will involve a safe procedure involving approved chemicals.

In this five day lesson plan there will be an opportunity to evaluate students in both a formative and summative manner. It will be up to the teacher to decide the frequency and length of these evaluations.

  • Lesson 1: Using the cooperative learning strategy students will be able to evaluate themselves as to their knowledge of fossil fuels. (Formative)

  • Lesson 2: Distillation of Copper Sulfate
    Students will form a hypothesis, graph and analyze questions for the distillation of copper sulfate. These tasks should be taken up in class and students should evaluate their own work. (Formative)

  • Lesson 3: Combustion of a Hydrocarbon
    After the experiment of the combustion of a hydrocarbon the students should submit their hypotheses and analysis questions for evaluation. (Summative)

  • Lesson 4: Incomplete Combustion of a Fossil Fuel
    In lesson 2 the students should have become familiar with clamps, stands and the precautions necessary for heating up a liquid. Once the liquid had cooled, it was returned to a proper storage area. Students also graphed the temperature versus time data. Students should now be evaluated on lab safety, proper use of equipment, the care with which they record data and their lab clean up. This is considered a performance task.

  • Lesson 5: Students are to complete and evaluate their “Are You Ready?” sheets.
    This is a formative assessment. These questions will form the basis of a formal summative evaluation. This will take the form of a test.

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